Life sometimes gets in the way of retirement. That is the idea behind "hardship distributions," which allow those with retirement savings to take out some of their retirement to help cover the costs of emergency circumstances in their personal life. But these hardship distributions can be confusing, especially for those with a Self-Directed IRA. That is why Jim Hitt, CEO of American IRA, recently wrote a how-to guide for understanding hardship distributions when self-directing.

"The rules for Self-Directed IRA hardship distributions are the same as those for conventional Traditional IRAs," writes Jim Hitt. He then went into detail as to the specific circumstances in which these distributions could be taken with minimal financial impact, including: death, disability of the taxpayer, withdrawing to avoid a foreclosure or eviction, or to pay health insurance premiums when unemployed. For a full list of these hardship circumstances, visit the site of the blog post at

What concessions are made with a hardship distribution? The distribution’s penalty is waived, but it does not mean income taxes are going away. Jim Hitt notes in the post that growth on the retirement contributions will still be taxed as income. But the heavy fees of taking early distributions from retirement are waived during these special conditions of hardship.

"People with Self-Directed IRAs sometimes worry that their funds will never be available to them," says Jim Hitt. "And that is true to an extent: retirement investors should consider their retirement separate from their usual accounts. But it does not mean that there are no circumstances in which you can access that retirement money. These hardship distributions make it possible to pull money from retirement in emergency circumstances. It is not the ideal solution, but for some people, it may be the only way to avoid even worse problems with their finances."

According to Jim Hitt, it is important to weigh options before considering these hardship distributions. The money left in a retirement account can continue to grow with tax protections. "Hardship distributions" could also be called "emergency" distributions for that reason.

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